Safina: Back to School & Ready to Achieve

By Childbirth Survival International - CSI
Sat, Sep 16. 8:00AM - 11:00AM
Wakiso, Uganda, Wakiso

Education is key for individuals to succeed and societies to thrive. Basic academic necessities such as stationery and books are essential for learning and all children deserve the best. The Safina program for orphans and vulnerable children stands on three prongs: Feed, Care, and Educate. As children, including Primary 7 candidates, across the country get ready for school, CSI Uganda team will prepare 75 orphans for another semester of learning and give each child who has been attending the Safina monthly program basic school supplies. CSI is giving the children a great start and support to achieve their big dreams. #CSISafina #Education #Orphans #VulnerableChildren #LeavingNoChildBehind #EarlyChildhoodEducation #CSICares If you'd like to donate, please contact Childbirth Survival International - CSI Uganda at +256 775 860 761 or

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