By Rays Trust
Fri, Oct 17. 7:00AM - 2:00PM
Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe and RAYS Trust are inviting you for a symposium on the 17th of October under the theme Natural Resources for the People. The main purpose of this symposium is to have a platform where young scientists and the professional persons in natural heritage conservation institutions and industry meet and deliberate on issues within their research and work that have a bearing on policy making and other issues concerning the environment, natural resources, sustainable resources and wildlife education. You are therefore invited: 1. To attend the symposium and take part in the discussions. 2. To participate as a speaker. Please send us an abstract by or on the 26th of September within the theme Natural Resources for the People to either of the 2 addresses at the bottom of the letter. The final draft of the presentation will be required on 17th of October as input into a publication of the proceedings which will be made available for reference at the museum library. Each speaker will give a 15minute presentation (inclusive of Q&A) on anything that fits under the theme Natural resources for the People. Presentations on research one is doing or has completed would be most welcomed as well. 3. To suggest young upcoming researchers to take part in the competition for a well researched and well delivered presentation Presentations will be at the museum corner Leopold Takawira and Park Road and are inviting you to give us support. This is just the first of such symposiums and you are welcome to support and even partner with us for this and the next event.

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