Rest Until, Exhibition Opening

Rest Until, Exhibition Opening
past almost 2 years ago

Fri, Jul 29. 3:30PM - 6:30PM

National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo 75 Joshua M N Nkomo (Main Street)/ L. Takawira Avenue Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Event Details

We are plesed to announce the second opening of a solo exhibition of photographs by Neville Starling.The one thing everything has in common is birth and death. The inescapable taboo, of which its counter is birth and renewal. In Rest Until, my first body of work I explore the land, the unborn, personal loss, memory, the spirit and the journey to renewal within the turbulent past and seemingly tumultuous future of Zimbabwe.

In a time where we can learn from past wisdom, mistakes and discoveries, I explore these themes with the photographic medium of traditional film and light sensitive materials, which itself was once a dying medium but is now reviving.

With respect to intelligence, the past and future, thoughtful emotion and above all, with the curiosity that love brings to these subjects and thoughts I humbly invite you, at a time of change which Zimbabwe has not experienced for decades, to explore a place where time is patient and location is calm, a place where forever is circular.