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Prospecting & Business Development Masterclass

By Salesmark Services Limited
Thu, Sep 21 8:30AM - Fri, Sep 22 4:30PM
GATA, Accra

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PBDM-Fess ₵1,153.00 N/A

Program Overview

The two-day Prospecting & Business Development Masterclass; focuses on how to improve sales by improving your team’s lead generation, and prospecting skills. The quantity and the quality of the opportunities in your team’s sales portfolio (pipeline), revenue results, and ultimately income are largely determined by their effectiveness in sales prospecting. This advanced prospecting course is designed to empower participants with proven, research-based repeatable process and skills for generating more qualified opportunities.

Learning Objectives

In the Prospecting & Business Development Masterclass, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop a persuasive value proposition and reason to get decision makers to accept a meeting
  • Build credibility, trust, and rapport at the on-set of the sales process
  • Find a way to get the cooperation of gatekeepers
  • Develop powerful value propositions to win appointments
  • Generate more leads by leveraging existing networks/contacts
  • Enhance productivity and efficient optimization in prospecting time
  • Implement a proven, multi-touch prospecting sequence
  • Identify trigger events to personalize your outreach

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