Premiere: Colour of Life

Premiere: Colour of Life
past almost 2 years ago

Wed, Oct 12. 4:30PM - 6:00PM

National Theatre Parliamentary Ave Kampala, Uganda

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Destruction, killing, rapping, climate change, natural catastrophe, earthquake, perversion, corruption, .....
Our humanity is going through a very tough time and when we listen to the news we can just cry.....
Is our humanity so dark? Yes and no ... There is so manuy beautiful happenings and people in this life... But we simply ignore them... So let us for the time of a show look at the beautiful side of the life which is every where there but that we cannot see anymore... Let us colour our life whatever is happening....
Choreography by Valérie Miquel
Special costums props by Vallérie MIquel
with all the dancers of UNCB

First Part
Musique by Maurie Ravel

And our SPecial GUESTS the Powerfull Traditionnal Women Dance Group from Gulu (now in Kamapala)
RIEB-EBER Dance Troupe