Precious of Zanzibar - Art Exhibition at Goethe-Institut

Precious of Zanzibar - Art Exhibition at Goethe-Institut
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Thu, Feb 2 4:00PM - Thu, Feb 16 4:00PM

Goethe-Institut Tanzania 63 Alykhan Road, Upanga Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Event Details

The two zanzibari artists Mmadi Ausiy and Y. Kola are in town to present their newest work at the Goethe-Institut.

Both artists process their impressions of their home of Zanzibar, especially Stonetown, in their paintings. They show portraits of people, architecture, life on the street and Dhows sailing on the sea.

The styles of both artists could not be more different.
Y. Kola uses the palette knife to put intense colors with a rough texture onto the canvas. His part will be presented to you under the topic 'The human life in beautiful nature'.

By contrast, Mmadi Ausiy prefers soft pastel water-colors to recreate the spirit of Stonetown. He presents his paintings under the topic 'Colour and perspective of the Stone Town streets'.
Both artists already had several single and group exhibitions.

The opening takes place at Goethe-Institut on 02 Februrary 2017, 7:00pm.

The exhibition can be seen from 02 Feb - 02 Mar 2017.

No entry fee.