Pre-Global Game Jam 2017 Meet Up

Pre-Global Game Jam 2017 Meet Up
past over 1 year ago

Starts: Saturday, 3 December, 2016 07:00am

Ends: Saturday, 3 December, 2016 02:00pm

Event Details

It's almost that time again. The Global Game Jam will be held on January 20 - 22, 2017. So to get you ready for the world's largest game jam event, Agora Code Community will be carrying out two Pre-GGJ17 meet-up to share resources, games from previous game jams and generally educate on the process, roles and tools used in game development, so you're up and running to create, collaborate and express yourself at GGJ17!
Writers, digital artists, programmers or designers interested in working on a game, or anyone that might be interested in the process of game development and creation is encouraged to attend.