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Port Harcourt City Business BootCamp

By Fifehanmi Bankole
Sat, Aug 30. 7:00AM - 6:00PM
GRA ,Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt The future of Africa is not in the capacity of government to provide jobs for a fast-growing population but in the readiness, willingness and ability of the people to create jobs, innovate and foster socio-economic growth through entrepreneurship. However, building Africa's Biggest Brands/Businesses requires more than some passive, classroom-based pedagogies.Though Africa's latest indices may suggest increased economic prosperity but the reality is that there are more thriving 'imported' brands and businesses than home-grown ones. Are we really talking about the economic prosperity of Africa or are we just providing cheap land and labour to expand Western economic influence? Or are we only delivering the market and the masses to aid Asian economic evolution? The focus of many Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) has shifted from #entrepreneurship to a proliferation of petty trading! It's time to revive the spirit of innovation and enterprise across Africa. It's time to develop, design and deliver globally competitive and sustainable African brands and businesses. It's time to re-find, redefine and refine the essence of African brands and businesses. True African renaissance goes beyond copying and pasting. Yes, we can copy but we must not just copy and paste. We need such cultural innovations that copy, redesign and paste, adapting universal solutions to local issues. We need cutting-edge business intelligence that will not only reposition African SMEs for real investment but also ensures African entrepreneurs and business people acquire the requisite skills and develop winning attitudes for real economic prosperity. We must chase our challenges, we must collaborate to capture and create values across all industries and sectors, we must develop cultural innovations and deliver home-grown solutions that not only protect and promote our values but also leads to increased local incomes and improved local infrastructure. What global trends, techniques, tools and technologies can we adopt and adapt to strengthen the capacity of African brands and businesses? The City Business BootCamp provides some answers to current and aspiring entrepreneurs who are committed to 'Building African Biggest Brands and Businesses'

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