Peace Day Kite Flying Festival with Zimbabwe Cares

By Kites for Peace Zimbabwe
Sun, Sep 18. 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Haka Game Park, Harare

Kites for Peace Zimbabwe is an annual kite flying event celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace. We fly kites and picnic at beautiful places around Harare. This year we will be at Haka Game Park and will be hosting the Zimbabwe Cares network . They are a collective of goodwill and charity projects in many different areas : women empowerment, orphanages and street kid programmes, medical outreach to the disadvantaged, the aged, feeding programmes, community upliftment, education, environmental concerns, animal welfare etc It is a free "feel good" event as always but venue charges do apply (normal entry charges have kindly been reduced for the day please see flyer for details). All artists are welcome. Please contact us. Join us! Fly a kite, find your happy and find your peace ♡

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