Nigerian Economic Society Conference

By NES Nigeria
Mon, Oct 12. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Ladi kwali Hall, Sharaton Hotel Abuja, Abuja

Formation: The Nigerian Economic Society (NES) was formed in 1957 by Nigerian scholars as a united platform for Nigerian Economists and allied Social Scientists to provide intellectual leadership in the process of understanding and managing economic, social and political change in Nigeria. The first constitution of the Society was adopted on January 4, 1958. The Nigerian Economic Society organized its first seminar on April 5, 1958 at London and began publishing its main organ, Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies (NJESS) in 1959. Objectives: The study of the economic and social problems of Nigeria and for Members to express opinions thereon. Make Nigerian Economists and Social Scientist relevant to Nigerian economic, social and political processes. Stimulate public interest in Economics and Social Studies, encourage the study and discussion of relevant problems with special reference to Nigeria, and provide a means of intercourse between persons interested in the fields of study.

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