National Elections Conference

National Elections Conference
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Mon, Jun 12 11:00AM - Wed, Jun 14 2:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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National Elections Conference from 12th -14th June.
As you are aware, we have less than two months to the next General Election. To be exact, it is 57 days from today.
The August 8th, 2017 election will be the second General Election after the new constitutional dispensation. As a country, we need a moment to stop and to reflect on the progress made and what remains to be done to ensure that we have peaceful and credible elections.
It is for this reason that the IEBC, in collaboration with the EACC and KURA YANGU SAUTI YANGU Initiative, have organized a National Elections Conference on elections to be held on 12th – 14th June 2016. The Conference will bring together stakeholders from across the country that include political leaders, civil society, religious leaders, media and development partners, invited guests from other countries and Kenyans from all walks of life.
The main aim of the Conference is to rally Kenyans together towards a free, fair, credible and peaceful general election in August, 2017. During the Conference, we shall critically evaluate the state of preparedness for the elections; develop synergies of efforts and roles of different stakeholders in ensuring credible elections; and secure commitment of all key stakeholders to a peaceful and credible electoral process.
The Conference is organized along thematic areas that form critical ingredients for credible and peaceful elections. These include lessons from previous elections, the legal framework, conflict mitigation and dispute resolution, electoral integrity, electoral operations and technology and the role of the media, among others. We shall share experiences from our past as a country as well as from other African countries and global best practices.
It is expected that the outcomes from this meeting will go a long way in boosting confidence of the Kenyan electorate in the electoral process and the stakeholders will have unity of purpose as we approach Election Day.
We wish to reiterate that this is a multi-sectoral conference organized by both state and non-state actors. The participants are also drawn from across the board. This is what makes it a national conference. We urge Kenyans from across the country to follow the proceedings on television, radio and online.
We wish to also express our gratitude to the various development partners who have sponsored the event in different ways.
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu Initiative