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Fri, Apr 10 2:00PM - Sat, Apr 11 2:00AM

Zambian Teachers Forum Lusaka, Zambia

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The National Conference on Education, NCE is a high level discussion and best practices platform for all educational institutions in Zambia and is led by the Zambian Teacher’s Forum and the Zambian Association of Literacy.

Some of the Key areas that the NCE will highlight includes:

+ Implementing Curriculum Change to create graduates that compete favorably on the global market
+ Leadership and Management of Change for Quality staff Improvement
+ Literacy and Language Development for effective learning
+ The Use of ICTs to Support Basic Education and Literacy development in Zambia

The conference is designed to contribute to the overall delivery of quality education services in Zambia and to create a social environment for educational institutions to interact and share best practices and to also help evaluate and reflect on education campaigns, movements, and partnerships, and the evidence that they provide in helping to define new or modified global and national agendas. The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading scholars and administrators on both sides, who have been personally involved in various projects on education. It is important to review what has been accomplished among some of our national education goals and targets and to learn lessons from their use and application. Most urgently, there is a need to examine the research and the evidence that should inform the construction of education and development frameworks beyond 2015, set within an analysis of changing global imperatives and new paradigms for international cooperation and research. The conference is proposed to be an annual event providing substantive professional development services that include the advancement of knowledge in all sessions, events, and activities for the purpose of improving Educational service delivery. As such, it will be Zambia’s largest education conference.