Medicine For Love

By April Communications
Fri, Oct 23 6:00PM - Sat, Oct 24 8:00PM
National Theatre, Accra

Meet Ken Fiati as "Samuel Tawiah" in The "Medicine For Love" stage play at the National theater on 23 &24th October. ‪#‎aprilcommunications‬

The play, "Medicine for love" tells the story of a young politician contesting for a parliamentary seat of his constituency and has been sent two wives by different members of his family each of them having decided on their own that it's about time he got married. The first wife moves in with her father, whitest the second wife moves in with her mother. 

The house is immediately turned into a battlefield with warring rivals and their families accusing one another of making medicine to win the young politician's love. In the midst of the chaos and in the heart of the electioneering campaign, arrives a Message from his maternal aunt announcing the arrival of a third wife.

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