Make A Difference <3

By Sara Griffon
Mon, Feb 2. 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Make a Difference Foundation Tanzania, Arusha

Happy New Year World Changers! Looking for a way to Make A Difference in the world & engage your entire family from the comfort of your home??? Please check out the Make A Difference Foundation and do just that :) Meet Rain Director David Gido, his team & the amazing students of MDFT. Hear their stories of hardship turned hope and see how for a recurring donation of only $35/month or an annual donation of $420, you can give a hand up for one bright, kind, motivated child. We will send you a New World Flood t-shirt (for $35 monthly commitment) or sweatshirt (for $420 annual donation) as well as keep you updated on the great work and progress you are supporting. These are kids just like those in your family- they like to sing & dance & learn new things, the only difference is these kids would not be able to without someone like YOU to give them a hand up, a chance, hope... Keep connected on Facebook & engage your friends & family to do the same. Learn a new language, a new culture and make new friends while you help to change lives & transform a community. We hope you will consider donating but more than that, we invite you to get to know the Amazing People that are MDFT <3 "Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases." ~ Swahili proverb Amani, Upendo & Badilika Peace, Love & Change

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