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Maintenance Management Compendium

Mon, Jul 18 9:00AM - Fri, Jul 22 5:00PM
Accra, Accra

Prime Quality Training presents to introduce an international training course: “Maintenance Management Compendium”. This workshop includes 2 seperate course:

Session 1: World Class Maintenance Strategies and Leadership will be hold in 2 days: 18-19 July 2016 

This is a separately book-able 2-day World Class Maintenance Strategies and Leadership workshop which will allow attendees to study and apply pacesetting holistic multi-perspective view which is required to reach pacesetting reliability performance and gain essential leadership skills to effectively manage the different stakeholders involved in operating, maintaining and designing manufacturing facilities. It is also a proven opportunity to capitalise on proven Best Practices to devise and apply cost effective strategies for maintenance and achieve sharper maintenance policies, slimmer budgets, increased availability and a more motivated workforce.  

Session 2: Practical Reliability Centered Maintenance will be hold in 3 days,20, 21 & 22 July 2016 in Accra, Ghana. This course is led by our world renowned trainer

In this 3-day Practical Reliability Centred Maintenance workshop, we will spend time to discuss the implementation hurdles and how to overcome them. Success criteria and pitfalls need to be well understood, so that they will get attention. 

For more information, contact Tommy,
Tel: +84 (0) 4 710 99 333 Ext. 116

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