Lunch at Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm

By Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm
Sun, Aug 31. 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm, Tutu

Are you looking for a quiet hide-out to spend your Sunday? Or perhaps you want your kids to have a nice day in a natural environment where they can play old-fashioned games, climb, run, play badminton ... Or you might feel adventurous and go for a guided hike or a workshop. Anyway, all these activities will definitely give you a good appetite and Den Bogaerde Holiday Farm is offering you again 3 totally different dishes on the 31st of August. You can opt for a quiche (with meat or vegetarian). There are also meatballs on a bed of green endive stew with plantain and/or cocoyam. Perhaps, you would like something lighter. Then you can choose the mixed salad (various types of lettuce, tomatoes, fish and meat, egg, fruit etc). This dish is being served with freshly baked focaccia bread. Various home-made juices and minerals, beers and wines are available at the farm. Order by latest Friday evening, the 29th of August. You can contact us on 0543777800 or send a mail to

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