Leveraging Digital to Build the Global Startup from Nigeria

By Startit
Wed, Mar 1. 11:00AM - 2:00PM
S&s Hotel and Suites, Lagos

Leveraging Digital to Build the Global Startup from Nigeria will explore global opportunities Nigerian startups can uniquely harness to quickly scale their value propositions in a world made smaller and even smaller by digital technology. It will also provide a framework to help startups aggressively position their businesses as global players from the start. Elements of this framework will include product and service development, strategic deployment of technology, human capital sourcing, strategic alliance development, and developing keen understanding of unique opportunities in foreign markets. The Social Media Week event will focus on global opportunities in technology, healthcare, business outsourcing services, education, consumer goods and infrastructure. Attendees will: -Gain an understanding of how to start a global business from Nigeria. -Learn how to take a local existing business and scale it, to take advantage of global opportunities. -Understand trend spotting and mapping of global value creating opportunities. -Explore how to align local competence with global opportunities using digital technology. -Build an understanding of how to develop strategic alliances that can give local businesses access to global markets. Who should attend this session? -Startup entrepreneurs -Business owners -Investors -Venture capitalists -Private equity firms -Business policy makers and regulators Gate Fee: ₦7,500

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