Ladies Only Swadhyay

Ladies Only Swadhyay
past about 2 years ago

Mon, May 9. 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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Ladies swadhyay
Minalben and Lalitaben, both of whom while leading their
own family lives have acquired a high spiritual status, will be
imparting their experience of how to blend family lives with
spiritual striving to lead a happy, harmonious and contented life for themselves and those around them. Their discussions impact on lives of women of all ages and will prove useful for all.

All Welcome. Prior registration is not required.

For more information contact:
Lataben Shah: +254 736 677829
Manubhai Dhanani: +254 733 627040
Nemchandbhai Shah: +254 733 202481
Harshidbhai Shah: +254 732856856
Shobhnaben Shah: +254 733 989091
Ushaben Shah: +254 770 398841
Nilpa Shah: