Kenya: Seminar on Counter Terror 24-27.07.2016, Nairobi

Kenya: Seminar on Counter Terror 24-27.07.2016, Nairobi
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Starts: Sunday, 24 July, 2016 05:00am

Ends: Wednesday, 27 July, 2016 01:00pm

Event Details

The IPA Kenya Section has organized a Seminar on Counter Terror on 24th to 27th July in Nairobi, Kenya and wishes to invite serving and retired police officers to come on board and make contributions which will be reduced into a publication and be distributed to the rest of the World. It is important to note that the deliberations will be strictly in the English language.

Visitors/Partners will be able to tour Nairobi National Park and the National Museums of Kenya during the Seminar days.

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Counter Terrorism Workshop Background:

Terrorism is now a Global Threat and a concern to everyone, more so Police Officers and Security Stakeholders in this region. Terror attacks have not only caused loss of innocent lives but also loss and destruction to property, sabotage to social and religious coherence, sabotage to economic development; not to mention, the trauma and distress that comes with them, and the fear and panic to the Public.
On profiling all these Terrorism Attacks in this region, it is obviously within the interest of Police Officers or Security Stakeholder to actively participate and assist in preventing and if possible, stopping the insecurity and terror cloud we are all living in today.
It is on this basis, that International Police Association, Kenya Section brings together, International Counter Terrorism Security Experts and Other Security Stakeholders from this Region and Other Regions to share learn and discover ways of detecting, identifying, preventing and all together stopping these acts of insecurity and terrorism, in this region.
Workshop Objectives
This International Police Association Counter Terrorism Summit will bring together Security partners and stakeholders of every cadre or caliber, to discuss and understand occurrence of incidents of terror and finding possible ways of detecting, preventing and if possible stopping it.
Other objectives include:
• Promoting institutional and organizational capacity as Police Officers in identifying, detecting planning, and implementing effective security measures and mechanisms in Countering Terrorism in this Region.
• Identifying opportunities as well as challenges in promoting security awareness within our work stations as Police Officers.
• Understanding changes in contexts that challenge security tools that we already have during our Course of Work.
• Exploring and exchanging workable Security Techniques to Counter Terrorism by learning from other Countries.
• Building and strengthening capacity in understanding approaches and tools for implementing anti-terrorism strategies and programs at organizational and station level.
• Providing a platform for networking and meet face-to-face and exchange of anti-terrorism management practices between International Police Association Members, Security Professionals, stakeholders and practitioners from different IPA Regions, organizations and institutions
Workshop Description
This summit will take two full days beginning Sunday evening 24th July at 1700hrs to Wednesday morning 27th July 2016 at 0800hrs in Nairobi Kenya. International IPA Speakers and participants in this Summit will discuss topical issues surrounding terrorism and its effects to the society and economy, both in public and private sectors, locally and even internationally.
A wide range of topics ranging from basic understanding Terrorism, radicalization, religious extremism, sources and targets of terrorism will be discussed. Speakers together with participants will exhaustively explore ways of detecting, identifying and preventing or completely stopping situations that can cause or lead to insecurity or terror attacks. Speakers will also bring participants up to speed, on extent of terror attacks and how this region and the world in general have suffered and been affected as a result of Terror Attacks.
Workshop Agenda
This two-day summit will begin with a brief overview of theory and philosophy of the subject matter, and then delve into core modules in comprehensive and interactive how-and-when sessions in the following areas:
• Understanding of Terrorism and Anti-terrorism
• Understanding the terrorist threats and increasing the awareness of terrorism Predictive and Preventive Profiling basics
• Proactive mitigation of criminal and terror threat
• Detection, determination and deployment of threat mitigation in the context of time-frame and location.
• Global Trends, Dimension and Terrorism in African Context.
• Recognizing proper responses to threat actions and also understand how to support unit security
• Case Studies - ONE BY ONE studying, examining and relating typical cases around the country and relating to situations on the ground. Evaluating and forging lessons from them, to apply back to workstations.
• Radicalization and emerging issues
• Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Solutions.
• Improvised Explosive Devices.

Guest Speaker: Trevor Laurence Shaff – ISC- Israel

10 Years hands Experience in Terrorism in the World

For more than 8 years, he headed community security organization covering 60 sites in Cape Town, South Africa. Trained as a specialist in counter terror techniques and set up and run myriad security training programs in South Africa. Trevor is Specialized in physical security consulting and training for high level Israeli security companies and was the senior security consultant for the Bank of Zambia and Central Bank of Kenya, Commercial Banks, Five Star Hotel Chains and Lodges, Shopping malls, Sporting Facilities and golf clubs, property management and development companies, factories and security companies.

He has trained and instructed over 9000 people in East and Central Africa including directors and upper management, security management, shop owners and tenants, hotels, security personnel and guards as well as general staff. He is an expert in emergency disaster planning and responsible for the design and implementation of complex disaster management strategies involving multiple stakeholders. He has worked on security projects for Jewish communities in South Africa, Australia, USA, Europe and New Zealand, and trained many various representatives of Jewish Security Groups worldwide.

Other Selected Speakers:

National Counter Terrorism Center- Kenya.
Counter Terrorism Police Unit- Kenya.
Dr. Captain(Rtd) Evans Werunga- Director, East Africa Security Institute
Mr. Enock Makanga, Director, Impact Management Solutions Africa.
Mr. Andrew Franklin- Director- Franklin Consulting Ltd
Many Other Counter Terrorism Speakers.
Target Audience
The Counter Terrorism Summit is targeting International Police Association Officers, Police Officers from National Police Service, both Public and Private Sector including Civil Society, National and County Governments:-
• Corporate Security Managers
• Corporate Chief Security Officers
• County Heads of Security
• Health and Safety Managers
• Members of County and Sub-County Security Boards
• And any other individuals charged with the responsibility of ensuring security and safety of employees, members, organizational facilities, infrastructure or premises.