Jumpstart Thursday: Copyright and Crafts

Jumpstart Thursday: Copyright and Crafts
past about 4 years ago

Thu, Jun 12. 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Shalom House St Daniel Comboni Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

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The copying of designs in the craft sector is nothing new. In fact, the habit is so deeply entrenched that many designers have resigned themselves to this fate- sooner rather than later.

As debate rages on about whether copying is necessarily a good or bad thing, what options do designers have in protecting their designs?

One of the most powerful yet least understood option is copyright.

The Kenya Copyright Board [KECOBO] is the government body charged with ensuring that the rightful owner of a design enjoys the accruing benefits.

This June 12, 2-5pm, we engage KECOBO in discussions about what copyright means, what it applies to, how much it costs, other people's copyright and how to manage your copyright.

It will be an eye-opening, empowering dicussion. You want to be there.