Jozi North 70.3 East London Orientation

By Embark Training
Wed, Jul 27. 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Bryanston High School South Africa (Official), Sandton

Where does your multisport journey begin? The proven 6 month Embark 70.3 coached group training program starts early August in Jozi North. We kick off with the orientation evening where we will go through EVERYTHING you will need to know leading up to the race. (The training, the equipment, nutrition, the race and much more). By being part of Embark you will follow a coached group program and benefit from swims, cycles and runs on a weekly basis in a group environment. Our chosen race will be the 70.3 East London in January 2017. But will start off with smaller sprint distance races along the way as we progress towards the big race day. You will follow a progressive program that gets you stronger, fitter and healthier, teaching you each of the three disciplines. You will look and feel your best coming into summer, and once you finish the race you will have a new confidence to tackle more challenges! If you need more information please get in contact with us through our contact page. Or email or register directly on Alternatively we look forward to seeing you at the orientation.

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