James' Brenaissance 21st lunch

James' Brenaissance 21st lunch
past over 3 years ago

Sun, Nov 2. 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Brenaissance Cafe Blanc De Noir Stellenbosch, South Africa

Event Details

hey guys,

quite a small event. I have a 25 person guest list. You are the select few that have made it on to my guest list.

I NEED TO KNOW BY WEDNESDAY who cannot come to the 21st because there are plenty of people that I would like to invite and haven't been able to.

PLEASE REPLY via this page or by WHATSAPP.


1) Semi-formal.

2) Lunch vibes.

3) those who are busy with exams need not stay for long.

4) those who are not busy be prepared to get a bitjie-dagdronk.

5) there will be a bar tab for beer and wine. Pizza will be the meal available.

6) not a sit down event.

7) will be one or two speeches (short hopefully).

8) I will be going out hard the night before if anyone wants to join me. I can offer accommodation to any capetonians.