International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism

International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism
past over 2 years ago

Thu, Feb 4. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

Conference Theme:

Effective Cooperation for Impact-Oriented Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

The maiden International Youth Conference on Counter-Terrorism (IYCCT) comes as a follow up to the ‘Regional Conference on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)’ which was held in Nairobi (Kenya) from 25th to 27th June 2015. The theme of the said regional CVE conference was “Strengthening Cooperation to Counter Violent Extremism”, broken down into the following topical discussions:

Typologies and Drivers of Violent Extremism in Africa;
Understanding the architecture & dynamics of radicalization and recruitment;
Counter narratives to ideologies promoting violent ideologies;
The role of private sector in CVE;
Effective NGO and CBO programming for CVE;
Promoting research and learning for evidence-driven CVE action;
CVE in cyberspace & social media;
Developing national CVE plans;
Effective partnering in combating violent extremism.

The thematic buildup of the IYCCT hence aims at furthering the recommendations and conclusions of the Regional CVE conference.

The IYCCT 1 will bring together a total of 200 participants drawn from youth representatives and leaders drawn from CVE impact countries, professionals and practitioners involved in CVE from across the globe, and NGO and corporate world representatives .

The International Youth Action Against Terrorism (Herein after referred to as IYAAT) is built on a progressive framework and supporting core values that are most promising in creating a sustainable momentum in CVE transformation. Our initiative coincides with the United Nation’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development agenda aimed at Global social development, and launches the youth’s efforts into the focal project of CVE.

It is thus a declaration by the global youths to continue consolidating our experiences and efforts to expand the impact and spread of our work on CVE. Furthermore, the organization stands in with a dream to the creation of a one undivided global youth’s community, a larger identity, by transferring the hopes of youths from racial, religious and regional discord to one united voice. Our philosophy of work and operation is balancing professionalism and activism and this has always been on our careful consideration towards our foregoing programmes.

IYAAT is working on bringing the issue of youth action in counterterrorism efforts amongst the masses. We work to Support and coordinate efforts or existing CVE related organizations and Institutions to better understand the complexity of violent extremism, including assessing the threat it poses to the globe as a whole and within specific communities. We achieve this goal using the following set methods:

The Annual International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism (IYCCT);
The Media Centre and Research database;
Digital Outreach
The IYAAT Consortium;
The Resident Council.

Further elaboration on their workings is available on request.
Thematic Significance of Nairobi, Kenya as Venue City

Despite being the one of the largest contributor to the UN and AU’s armed missions in Africa, Kenya remains the most affected country in Africa by violent extremism and its ripple effects such as travel advisories and decline in the tourism sector. It’s goodwill mission to save its neighboring country, Somalia, from the salvage of the extremist group, Al Shabaab, has also in the long run worked against it, as a backlash. Of recent, it is emerging that Kenya itself is becoming a contributor to violent extremist groups as more and more of its youths are joining in these groups.

The nationality and citizenry of IYAAT founder and the bulk of its decision making heads of committees are Kenyan, as to pledge allegiance to the nation’s fight against violent extremism, inviting the whole world into the discussion and solution finding mission, and to give back to the world the lessons learnt in its CVE efforts.

Nairobi (Kenya) is also a strategically significant venue city as it hosts Africa’s United Nations’ headquarters- The United Nations Office at Nairobi-making it well aligned to UN’s Global Post-2015 Sustainable development plans and policies.
Theme Topics

The theme of the conference has been divided into 8 goal topics to achieve the conference purpose in specifics in the conference outcomes. Each of these topics will have 3 supporting patrons, who shall either be institutions of Higher learning, corporate bodies, government ministries/institutions, NGOs or any other supporting bodies, and not individuals. The criteria of selection for the supporting patrons will be provided for by the Ops in document reference IB2016 Annex #4.

The 3 supporting patrons for each topic will play the main role of awarding topic participants and guiding discussions of the topic to their conclusive end; well documented with conclusion and recommendations/way forward.

The topics are:

CVE case scenario of the venue country-Kenya;
The role of Higher learning institutions and the Corporate world in CVE;
The literature luring youths to Violent extremism;
Victim or villain: the media and countering extremist narratives and the propaganda war;
Strengthening cooperation between Governments and NGOs for CVE;
Typologies and emphasizing community-led CVE intervention;
Software vs. Hardware CVE: the need for paradigm shift or not;
The United Nations efforts on CVE.

Method of Conference delivery

By internal mechanisms, IYAAT will between 25th and 30th July 2015 divide the resident representatives, who have confirmed their attendance and participation to the IYCCT, in 8 groups of topical buildup. Each Member of each topical buildup group will then prepare a research paper on their respective topic, guided by a standard criteria set by the Journals and Research papers database division of the Programmes Committee (2nd Committee), and present the same by the end of 2nd October 2015 for scrutiny and the selected 5 best on each topic submitted to the topic’s supporting patrons. These 5 best will be announced and presented to the supporting patrons on 27th November 2015.

The supporting patron will at this stage select the 3 best research papers and prepare their own awarding system as they deem fit; with a discretion to either award or not the 5 best they received. However, only the 3 best shall be published in the final post-conference document, “The Global Youths’ CVE Declaration: Effective Cooperation for Impact-Oriented Countering Violent Extremism”.

The conference itself will mainly feature plenary sessions for each of the thematic topics with keynote speeches and statements delivered by the guests in attendance. Interactive sessions will also be incorporated into the program involving, amongst others, Q & A sessions, database exchange sessions and roundtable discussions.

Expected conference outcomes

The conference will identify positive CVE developments in the past years, remaining gaps and challenges, as well as emerging issues and priorities for the future to ensure that the broader global counter-terrorism agenda, advance the realization of human rights and social justice in counter-terrorism strategies.

The Conference will – while counting on the Global Youth Fora it shall provide - bring together positive developments, good practices and lessons learned in analyzing the involvement of the youths in acts of terrorism. Furthermore, the Conference will stimulate debate; identify new approaches while promoting the replication and scaling-up of demonstrated successful interventions of CVE.

By the publication of “The Global Youths’ CVE Declaration: Effective Cooperation for Impact-Oriented Countering Violent Extremism”, the Conference will also identify CVE solutions for the future and concrete follow-up actions in order to ensure that a human rights-based approach is an integral part of counter-terrorism strategies, as well as youths’ participation in CVE programmes.

The outcomes of the conference, analytical papers, presentations and rapporteur summary will be hosted on the IYAAT web platform for Beyond 2016 consultations, and on preferred platforms of all organizing partners to this conference. The discussions emerging from the conference will inform the work of IYAAT going forward.
Opportunities for Partnerships

IYAAT invites:

Institutions of Higher learning to provide core support, drive growth and impact objectives on the IYCCT thematic development;
Marketing, in-kind and Host City support by Media bodies and host country government agencie and ministries;
Impact partnerships with NGOs to support the monitoring and evaluating of impactful IYAAT resident Representative activities;
Corporate bodies to champion the appraisal of outstanding participants of the IYCCT;
Foundation partnerships to support scholarship programmes and charitable objectives;
Exhibiting at One Young World for a unique opportunity to showcase brand and innovation to the world’s future and current leadership;
Support of individual IYCCT participant(s) to champion a young delegate or delegation.