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Tanzania Indian Food Festival

By Indian Cultural Centre, Dar es Salaam
Sun, Jun 22. 12:00PM - 3:00PM
Indian Cultural Centre, Dar es Salaam

Food is an integral part of the Indian culture and Indian subcontinent, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. Thanks to the multitude of its flavors and aroma, its popularity is quickly increasing, and with it the number of new Indian restaurants. And so a new project is born – the Indian Food Festival.

The Indian Food Festival gives you the unique opportunity to try delicious Indian dishes from various Indian Restaurant and Caterers, enjoy a special menu, compare dishes and discover new flavors!

Thus for the first time ever, The Indian Food Festival is aimed at promoting the tantalizing taste to the general Tanzanian Population. The variety range from array of kebabs, Tikkas, dossa, street food to various types of Biriani.

Entrance: 5000 TZS | Children Under 10: FREE

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Indian Cultural Centre, Dar es Salaam