Holy Ghost New Years Eve Party, Zimbabwe

Holy Ghost New Years Eve Party, Zimbabwe
past over 1 year ago

Fri, Dec 30 9:30PM - Sat, Dec 31 12:00AM

Harare, Zimbabwe Harare, Zimbabwe

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Heyo guys,

Hope we are all doing well and have had a great year!

I made this group because the Lord has really put on my heart recently, what New Years can look like for Christians and people that want to do something fun and not conform to the patterns of this world.

So recently Jesus told me to host a big ‘Holy Ghost New Years Eve Party’ for all my brothers and sisters in Christ and for anyone that wishes to come.
So often over the festive season there is no certain event where Christians know they can go and have a good time. We are going to change that culture shift for the years to come. The Lord has given me visions and heavenly ideas on how its going to take place and what it looks like for the future and Im just excited to partner with him. We don’t have to go to the Kariba, or Vic Falls or get drunk in Tinners; rather we can come together as the body of Christ, regardless what church or denomination you're in, we are all on the same team. So lets get together and drink of the drink that leads us to never go thirsty again, and be filled with rivers of Living Water.

It’s time that us as the bride wake up and be unashamed of the Gospel, unashamed of our brothers and sisters, unashamed to tell our friends that don’t know Him; that we are going to Christian party of the New Year to be filled with Spirit!

Whether you choose to come along or not, the night will still happen and the Lord will move powerfully (He’s told me that), it would just be a lot more fun if you could come and experience it too.
I’m enough of seeing my brothers and sisters crippled by the power of sin and submitting to it over New Years. There is a way out; lets enjoy it together!

We haven’t got a venue yet, but I’ve got a few places in mind, once I start getting the gist of numbers and how many people can come or not (so click attending or not just for planning purposes) then we’ll confirm a venue and let you know as soon as we can.

We will worship, and dance, feast on thee glory (and on food), pray for the sick, pray for Zimbabwe, pray for the New Year, prophecy over each other, laugh, love on one another and just get loose in the Spirit, leading up to the New Year. It will be a good time!

So invite people, invite a stranger, get the word out, add people to the page, bring your friends and family; believers and non-believers alike, ALL are welcome, Just be sure what you're getting yourself into, cause its going to be a wild time.

Blessings and Love to all.

We are just sold out for Jesus.