Helping Clients Succeed

Helping Clients Succeed
past over 3 years ago

Fri, Mar 27. 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Lusaka, Zambia Lusaka, Zambia

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Over the past 15 years, FranklinCovey has worked with thousands of sales teams all over the world, and studied what the top performing sales professionals do as a matter of habit. Helping Clients Succeed is designed to help sales teams consciously replicate these best practices in order to achieve superior results in qualifying their deals.
The results are less time chasing the wrong deals, more time focusing on the right deals, and dramatic decreases in the overall cost of sales.

Now, Franklincovey Zambia is bringing these teachings and helping make them culturally relevant to Zambia’s growing market place. When your clients succeed and progess, so do you.

For more information and to register please contact or call us on 0211 266247 or 0955 670280.