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GreatTalks 2017 Popular & Elite Art Writing in South Africa

By Greatmore Studios
Wed, Mar 22. 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Greatmore Studios, Woodstock

Great Talks 2017 PRESENTS “Popular & Elite Art Writing in South Africa: Frictions, Fiction & Functions" BY Andrew Lamprecht with Panelists Thuli Gamedze, Matthew Partridge, Koni Benson Is there a problematic focus on elite forms of art discourse over popular ones at present in South Africa? Is the art world increasingly writing specialised texts written by 'experts' that require a degree in art theory to be accessed meaningfully? This discussion aims to constructively interrogate different ways that information about art can be disseminated and look at new forms of communication, including social media, popular print and television and comics, amongst others, to stem a tide in which it seems that the 'critical essay' or 'journalistic review' are frequently seen as the only way one can legitimately write about art. ALL WELCOME BUT PLEASE RSVP TO

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