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Global Super Teachers Conference 2018, Accra-Ghana

Sat, Aug 25. 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Ghana International School, Accra

You are welcome to register for the 4th GLOBAL SUPER TEACHERS CONFERENCE

The purpose of this GLOBAL SUPER TEACHERS CONFERENCE is to EDUCATE, DEMONSTRATE and EQUIP teachers and education professionals with focus on practical skills, ideas and innovations that will increase their effectiveness in the classroom so they can challenge the 21st Century Learner to Do More in order to Achieve more.
It will also demonstrate high impact teaching pedagogy and feature local exemplars of outstanding teaching and learning in Ghanaian schools.
The 2018 Edition will deliver 3 events on the same day;
An EDUTALK - Presentations and Workshops
EDUTECH - Exhibition of Education & Technology supplies/products
EDUCOM - Ceremony to recognise contributions mabe by all th evarious players in education - students, teachers, heads of schools, parents, media houses, NGOs etc

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