Ghana Meets Denmark Peace Concert 2016

Ghana Meets Denmark Peace Concert 2016
past almost 2 years ago

Sat, Dec 3 8:00AM - Sun, Dec 4 11:00AM

Accra Accra, Ghana

Event Details

Ghana meets Denmark Peace Concert 2016 project with a clear social profile in the Ghanaian town of Accra. Our aim is to promote peace and unity during the upcoming 2016 election in Ghana.
We are going to travel to Accra, with the Danish producer team Okay Funky, to arrange a workshop like video shooting,Recording upcoming Artists for the local youngster with an emphases on creating original music on-site, and feather more, arrange a concluding public concert in Accra for free entrance with many involved Artist from Ghana.
The project is a unique possibility to expand peace and strengthened Ghanaians to hold on to peace and unity during this elections.
Ghanaian and Danish Musical cultures will be the purpose to manifest the connection and to educate the youth.
This project is coordinated and arranged by the C.E.O of Jahsigfamily Entertainment, Miss Agatha Oduro, from respectively Copenhagen, Denmark and Ghana. Both withholding a large amount of experience with international cultural project, developing and arranging workshops with international, cultural and social profile and administration in general.
The Administrative Platform and exporter of this particular project, in the Danish music and management agency.