Free Workshops on Trending Technologies (ie 3D printing, Rasberry Pi, Open ERP & GIS) 07/11/14 @ 9:00am

Free Workshops on Trending Technologies (ie 3D printing,  Rasberry Pi, Open ERP & GIS) 07/11/14 @ 9:00am
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Fri, Nov 7. 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Kofi Annan ICT Centre AITI-KACE

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SUBJECT: Innovation Month Workshops- Free Workshops on Trending Technologies (ie 3D printing,  Rasberry Pi, Open ERP & GIS) 07/11/14 @ 9:00am

The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT invites you to this Innovation Month Training Workshops (IMTW) aimed at providing the knowledge on trending software solutions including:

(a) Internet of Things- Rasberry Pi, Arduino- Friday, 07/11/14

(b) Demo Workshop: 3D Printing Friday, 07/11/14

(c) Developer Hackathon: Rasberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone, Launchpad

Friday, 07/11/14

(d) Mobile Development: Building Andriod Apps Tuesday,11/11/14

(e) Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning Monday, 17/11/14

(f) GIS: D3js+leafletjs+nodejs Friday, 21/11/14


Start time: 9:00am








(a) Session: Internet of Things- Rasberry Pi, Arduino


Objective: Learn embedded computing using low cost, energy- efficient green devices and ecological ware


Target Audience: Developer community, Knowledge of Javascript js an advantage


(e) Training Session: Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning


Objective: Learn Open source technology to power SMEs & building enterprise software for SMEs


Target Audience: Small, Medium Enterprise, IT graduates etc.


(f) Training Session: GIS: D3js+leafletjs+nodejs


Objective: Learn how to build location-based system on web using light-weight mapping & data visualization tools


Target Audience: GIS practitioners, Web Applications developers, Knowledge of Js an advantage




(b) Demo Session: Demo Workshop: 3D Printing


Objective: Show computer aided design and how additive manufacturing is done. Actual printing of objects like phones, computers etc


Target Audience: Business organisations, IT firms, General public, Technology enthusiasts, Developers.


(c) Demo Session: Developer Hackathon: Rasberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone, Launchpad


Objective: Developer community use open hardware and embedded systems to solve specific challenges we face everyday


Target Audience: General public, Technology enthusiasts, Developers,


(d) Demo Session: Mobile Development: Building Android Apps


Objective: Learn how to make money from building Android apps


Target Audience: Apps developers, Businesses





Get a first hand experience on how technology is used to create solutions for the society and business. See live demos of how a developer turns ideas into new products using innovative tools. Demos will cover the following: Internet of things application, Reactive Programming, Real-time Computing, GIS and Analytics applications.


Learn how to use software tools to turn your ideas into solutions.


Engage seasoned developers in a hands-on programming using current devices.


Membership and access to AITI-KACE's Innovation Hub Resources ( Free hosting, Code review, testing and cloud service)


Certificate of Participation (Paid Training only)


Fields of applications include: emergency response, intelligent shopping, smart product management, smart installations, home automation, waste management, urban planning, environmental sensing, sustainable urban environment monitoring and social interaction gadgets.


These innovative ways of building and using technology lead to opportunities on which many businesses are being established now and in the future.


Resource Person: Ernie Ofori


Head of Scientific and Technical Computing at Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT. He has worked on various Scientific research and technology transfer projects.


Venue: Kofi Annan ICT Centre, Ridge- Accra. Near Parliament House


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