First Ever Women in Engineering Conference in Zambia

First Ever Women in Engineering Conference in Zambia
past almost 2 years ago

Thu, Jul 28 5:30AM - Fri, Jul 29 8:00PM

Hotel Intercontinental Lsk Lusaka, Zambia

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Dear Delegate,
In an era when women are increasingly prominent in medicine, law and business, why are there so few women scientists and engineers?
Engineering is still a field where women are still in high demand. Due to competitiveness in the world economy, there is greater attention to the engineers who must develop the technologies of the future. The shortages of women engineers projected for the next decade are decried by economists and politocal leaders.
As part of their Women focused conferences, Greenwhich Institute of Technology will be hosting a unique honing in on Women in Engineering.
The research conducted by Greenwhich Institute of Technology showed that women engineers have to work twice as hard to prove their worth and make their mark.
This event is a platorm of celebration to women who aim to share and investigate ideas that focus on advancing women in engineering. Participants, each of whom has a unique and significant role to play in achieving the full participation of women in engineering, will share innovative strategies for developing a highly prepared, diverse engineering workforce that has achieved technical excellence and learned how to think and design creatively.
Our emphasis on promoting women's success at all ages and in all capacities will provide the momentum for transforming engineering education.

The Greenwhich Team.