Exhibition Opening: Anatomy of Me - A Group Exhibition

By The Art Space Kenya
Sat, Feb 4. 9:00AM - 2:00PM
The Art Space Kenya, Nairobi

“The body is not a thing, it is a situation.” – Simone de Beauvoir In Anatomy of Me, a group of young artists consider the range of physical, mental, and emotional states of the individual. Working in a variety of approaches, these artists explore various ways of representing the external and internal self, and the possible interpretations of such images. The resulting work is a combination of self-examination and observation of the outside world. The works invite the viewer to undergo the same examination of their own existence and this existence within the current place and time. About the Artists Nduta Kariuki Nduta Kariuki is primarily a painter with a working knowledge of multiple art forms. Born and raised in Ngong’, Kariuki graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, focusing on painting, with minors in sculpture and graphic design. She’s currently based in Nairobi. Jonathan Sòlanke Fraser A third year Fine Art student at Kenyatta University, Jonathan Sòlanke Fraser draws inspiration for his work from people, objects and events. He is particularly drawn to the communication between individuals, attempting to capture what goes unsaid in people’s interactions what one another. He is currently studying interactions contained in body language. Faith Wanjala Faith Wanjala is a self-taught visual artist who works in painting and photography, creating emotive work centered on mental health awareness and LGBTQ issues. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder herself, Wanjala attempts in her work to call attention the often unacknowledged question of mental wealth being; to reduce the stigma and initiate some much needed conversations. She has previously exhibited her work at the Creatives Garage in Nairobi and created work on the same topics for several organizations. Jebet Naava Jebet Naava’s primary medium is photography. Working in portraiture, and using herself as the subject in her work, her photography is a way to explore her own perceptions of different facets of the human condition.

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