EU Film Festival Day 2: Cinzento E Negro (Portugal)

EU Film Festival Day 2: Cinzento E Negro (Portugal)
past about 1 year ago

Starts: Wednesday, 17 May, 2017 04:00pm

Ends: Wednesday, 17 May, 2017 06:00pm

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Maria is betrayed by David, her husband, who steals all her money and flees to Pico Island in the Azores. Shattered and with a great sense of humiliation, she only longs for revenge. It is then that he decides to contact Lucas, a police inspector, to find clues as to the whereabouts of David. However, on a visit to the island of Faial, Lucas falls in love with Marina, employed at the Peter Café Sport, located in the historic center of the city of Horta. This love will change the course of events into a dramatic swirl of love, betrayal and revenge.