English Professionals Night

English Professionals Night
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Starts: Saturday, 21 March, 2015 06:00pm

Ends: Saturday, 21 March, 2015 09:00pm

Event Details

Midstream Literary Agency’s (MLA) English Professionals’ Night Series 2015 will be offering English Teachers a novel first class professional development experience in a friendly and welcoming conference environment. This uniquely-structured one-night programme led by a team of highly-experienced international trainers aims to give English teachers an exhilarating and enriching study experience. The English Professionals Night (EPN) series brings English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals, at all levels, together to discuss the latest developments in ELT. This will be the first time in Ghana, when 200 English Teachers will be brought together in an innovative and interactive learning situation.

The English Professionals’ Night Series is designed for teachers of English working at all levels of education;
• who would like to refresh and update their English language skills
• who are keen to keep abreast of developments in ELT
• who are looking for fresh ideas for materials development
• who are looking to revitalize their approach to teaching
• who are looking for meaningful ways of reflecting on and developing their practice
• who are looking to document their achievement in professional development

As participants come from all over the Ashanti region, the programme is also an exercise in community building, teacher networking and international understanding. The programme will be accommodated and taught in the Golden Tulip conference Hall, Kumasi City.
For a flavour of what to expect and to hear from our tutors and teachers on the night, here are the programme details.