Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
past over 3 years ago

Thu, Nov 27 8:00AM - Fri, Nov 28 5:00PM

Paloma Hotel NO. 2 Adina Street. Kokomlemle, Off Ring-Road Accra, Ghana

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Much has been discovered in the past 30 years on Emotional Intelligence and countless studies show its incredible role in an individual’s success. It has been shown that, Emotional Intelligence or EI, can be even more critical than the power of the cognitive brain usually measured with IQ. In others words, if you want to succeed, you would be much better off working on your soft skills, empathy, communication skills, understanding others and so on than to become better only at a specific technical skill.

The best way to learn Emotional Intelligence is through group interactions and in a controlled environment such as a training course. This course is designed to cover critical competencies within EI and train the delegates to become much more skilled in EI. Questionnaires, individual exercises, group practicals and home exercises are provided to make sure the delegates get an all around training and can immediately benefit from the skills.

Duration: 2 Days
Cost: GHS850*

* Includes Nyansa Africa course certificate, lunch and refreshments