Emo Night South Africa - An Alternative Experience

Emo Night South Africa - An Alternative Experience
past about 2 years ago

Sat, Jul 2 7:00PM - Sun, Jul 3 2:00AM

The Manila Bar 161 Longmarket Street Cape Town, South Africa

Event Details

A conceptually unique event based off of America's Emo Nights.The event primarily features a group of DJs curating specific playlists catering towards punk, pop punk, emo, alternative rock and so forth. It allows for musically like-minded people to come together and have a good time without worrying if the band is going to be good or if they really have to stay for the closing act - something with which South African music fans have a problem.

We aim to relive those years spent singing along to those songs that got you labelled as an emo kid and shunned because you didn't get the appeal of Nelly or particularly like The Black Eyed Peas.

Join us at The Manila Bar for our first of many events and celebrate being part of the counter-culture, or just simply come along because you enjoy rocking out to pop punk and alternative rock. The damage for this event is a meagre R20.