Diversify Nigeria For Export Conference

Diversify Nigeria For Export Conference
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Tue, Oct 11. 8:00AM - 4:00PM

NAF Conference Centre Abuja, Nigeria

Event Details

Eurobase Consult Limited in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMA&RD) are introducing you to an economic turnaround in Agricultural Value Chain Workshop with the Theme: Free Yourself & Corporate bodies From Economic Recession Within Six (6) Months. This event is scheduled to hold on Tues 11th October, 2016 At Nigeria Air Force (NAF) Auditorium, Plot 496, Ahmadu Bello Way, Opp. Deeper Life Junction Kado Kutchi District Abuja FCT. Nigeria’s Arable land has capacity to generate $100 Billion annually if we take agro value chain seriously. There is no other time to do this than now, therefore do not be left out.
Five World commercial agro giants will introduce and showcase for adoption technologies to turn around the neglected agro value chain in Nigeria within six months. With your attendance and partnering with these corporations, Nigeria and her citizens will become self-sufficient within six months and net exporter of crops that are adaptable to Nigeria’s terrain within a very short time. Come with list of Exportable cash crops adaptable to your region and area of interest with a detailed proposal and hundreds/thousands/Millions of Tons of crops you want to achieve per annum for discussion and arrangement.
Dayu Irrigation Group is the world’s largest irrigation engineering and irrigation equipment manufacturing company whose technology will enable you utilize your farm land twice a year as well as to have a bumper harvest even in desert areas. Their Farm crop irrigation expertise includes but not limited to the Following crops: Rice, Potato, Maize, Yam, Cassava, Beans, Watermelon, Carrot, Onions, Fruits, Tomatoes, Vegetable, Soy Beans, Sugar Cane, Cotton, sunflower, Wheat, Tobacco, Ginger, Garlic, Dams and Channelization and canalization, Hydro Projects, Conservation and desertification control application, Flood Control.
Johnson Control Incorporation (JCI) is the world’s leader in Farm crop post-harvest preservation without chemical injection or additives. The crop remains as fresh as the first day it was received in the preservation facility. With this technology, there is no post-harvest loss by farmers. One or two centers will be built in your state where farmers will sell their products at government control price per kilo. These can be resold to manufacturers and exporters at 10% profit. Full details on how it works will be discussed at the workshop. Including thousands of jobs the chain value will create.
Pentair Eco system is another company that is the world’s largest in aqua culture and fish farming technology. They are in 140 countries and all these countries that partner with them are self-sufficient in fish. If your state adopts commercial fishing technology of Pentair, the state will not only be self-sufficiency in fish farming but will supply to other states and also export to neighboring countries and in the case of Tuna Fish, export to Europe and other continents.
Good Rain Machineries is one leading Rice Mill Manufacturers for Global Market. Their Products are Rice Milling Machine, De-stoner Machine, Separating, Polishing, Grading, Color Sorting, Weighing and Packing Machines. Flour Machine, Husk, Milling Machine, Grading Mill, Lathe Machine and CNC Machine
This conference is a pragmatic solution for the dreadful and terrible situation Nigeria finds herself at the moment. Money allocation from Abuja has dropped and may continue to be unabated hence drastic action and intervention is required. Indeed Some level of partnership can be arranged with these companies. A partnership with these companies will create more jobs for our restive youths, while our farmers will also be richer. Indeed Nigeria will also be self-sufficient and make more money to develop other infrastructure.