Dancehall SummaMashup 2014

By RaggaVybz Sound System
Sat, Nov 8. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Victoria_Poolside, Maseru

Come celebrate with us on the date...Reggae, Dancehall and Dub for the massive. Our Line up is getting maaad each day. ********** SELECTORS ****************** Dj Fanta - Johannesburg RaggaVybz Sound System - Lesotho ShattaKultcha - Lesotho Selectah Don Royal - Rustenburg *********** PERFORMANCES ************ Faya Uman - Johannesburg Chantty Natural - Botswana L'titude - Bloemfontein Sledge - Lesotho Ap the General alongside Melo - Lesotho Mr C-jo - Lesotho Ranking - Lesotho ****** MC for the show ************ Selektah Che Ernesto - Lesotho More artists to be added on the line up...ready Massive!!! Tickets go for M50 and M70 on the 8th November 2014

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