Communication Through Arts in Tanzania

Communication Through Arts in Tanzania
past almost 2 years ago

Sun, Jul 17 2:00PM - Sat, Jul 30 5:00PM

Tanzania, Africa 224466 Arusha, Tanzania

Event Details

This is a call for international support of the arts!

As you may know, I’m living in Tanzania now and have been blessed with talented students that have a true passion for the arts. I’ve felt in my heart that I need to connect my two worlds with this passion of the arts, so that is why I am now reaching out to my community back in America (you!)

My dream is to install an arts enrichment/cultural exchange after school program at my school.

All I’m asking is for you to rummage through your basement and hopefully you have some type of “instrument for the arts” hiding somewhere in there. I’m talking anything, from old dance shoes, a forgotten guitar, a how-to book (how-to on ANYTHING; drawing, dancing, history of anything, how to play an instrument), literally anything. You’d be surprised how the smallest thing to you can be everything to someone else.

The cost of sending things is pretty pricey, so I am working on a grant to help support all of these expenses. All you would need to do is bring your item to a decided gathering point and that’s it! I will take care of the rest.

I opened this event page to see how many of you are interested in helping. Just post here if you have anything, anything at all, that you want to give in support of these students.

The arts are not celebrated here as they are in America, but these kids have such a passion for it!! I wish I could show you with your own eyes how beautiful it is to see them explore their talents. Give whatever you can!

If you don’t have an instrument but want to make a monetary donation, that’s fine! I just need to figure out some grant-writing serious business first.