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Communication Skills for Managers ( 2 Days )

By SigmaStrat
Mon, May 26 8:00PM - Tue, May 27 5:00PM
2nd Floor, Ebenezer House, Community 18 Junction, Spintex Rd, Accra

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Course Overview:

This is a course that has been developed specifically with the needs
of today’s manager in mind. It looks at how to communicate effectively from a position
of authority – to motivate your team and achieve performance improvements through
them while retaining their respect. It also looks at how you can communicate under
pressure, and how you can talk to difficult people in your team.
What will you get out of it?

  • An understanding of the necessities of good managerial communication techniques
  • A greater awareness of your own preferred style of communication
  • A range of responses to communicate successfully with difficult people and in times of conflict
  • Enhanced personal and team productivity through better working relationships

Course Outline:

  • Communication styles
    • Acknowledge and develop your own communication style
    • Adapt your style to the differing needs of individuals in your team
    • The unique responsibilities of a manager: choosing the right approach for the right situation
  • Practical communication strategies/strong>
    • Portray natural confidence in your messages
    • Overcome barriers to effective communication
    • Learn to listen actively to your team members
    • Productive questioning techniques
    • Communicate as a manager and leader should and earn respect
    • Represent the interests of your department to internal and external stakeholders
    • Develop receptive and open body language
    • Apply the art and science of influence
  • What to do when things aren’t going well
    • Dealing with and diffusing conflict
    • Communicating with those who don’t want to listen
    • Using communication to drive performance improvements in individuals
    • Decisive communication within the disciplinary process
  • Consolidation
    • Role play and discussion with other delegates to reinforce your learning
    • Decide on at least three areas for personal change when you return to work

Who Should Attend:

First line and middle managers who want to improve how they
get their message across to their team members and other internal stakeholders.


Participants are provided with Soft copies of lecture materials.

Further information:
Twitter: @sigmastrat

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