Champion's Conference

Champion's Conference
past almost 2 years ago

Sat, Nov 5. 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria

Event Details

The focus of the conference this year is to encourage young Nigerians to begin the demonstration of leadership from their immediate environment and sphere of influence. Our emphasis is on the fact that every human person has a talent, and they can decide to utilize it as an opportunity to show leadership and influence their community positively. Although we want to hold our government at every level responsible and accountable, the most important place to effect change is in our communities.
The theme, ‘BUILDING OUR AFRICA: LOOKING INWARDS’ draws attention to the fact that the continent of Africa will be built and developed by Africans.

A short play titled ‘Lost’ will be performed by teenagers from different secondary schools in Mushin and Yaba area. The play tells the story of Kola; a teenager whose dream is to leave Nigeria for any country in Europe in search of greener pasture. After his WAEC exams he gets in touch with a man who promises to make his dream come through. Disregarding the counsel of his father and friend, and insisting on going to the city with his benefactor, Kola finds himself at a dead end. In the process, he disrupts the education of his girlfriend who was carried away by his promise of a better life abroad.