Book Launch and Signing of Zimbabwe Look East By Dr Fay Chung

Book Launch and Signing of Zimbabwe Look East By Dr Fay Chung
past over 2 years ago

Wed, Nov 18. 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Women's University in Africa 188 Sam Nujoma Street, Avondale Harare, Zimbabwe

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The phenomenal and dynamic political and economic transformation of China since 1979 is bound to impact Africa. Will this impact be positive or negative? Will it be a tragic repetition of 19th and 20th Century oppression, exploitation, abuse and domination? Or is it possible that the Chinese Win Win strategy can in fact be realised.
Zimbabwe like many other African countries is highly donor dependant, suffering from the concept that “We are too poor to refuse anything”. This is a recipe for disaster. Can such a disaster be avoided? This is the question posed by Zimbabwe Looking East
This book provides historical perspective of China’s economic policies, history and governing cultural ideology and how all these influencing factors determine how China relates to other nations such as the United States and Zimbabwe. It also analyses Zimbabwe’s heritage and economic policies and unpacks the relationship between Zimbabwe and China through economic and ideological perspectives.