#BOFOZ2015 September Shakedown

#BOFOZ2015 September Shakedown
past over 3 years ago

Starts: Wednesday, 22 October, 2014 12:00am

Ends: Wednesday, 22 October, 2014 03:00am

Event Details

September Shakedown is when the battle among the Black Opal beauty hopefuls happens. The Judges did their selection from all the entries that came in, now its come to the public choice. Have your say on who you think should qualify for the Black Opal Face of Zim 2015 Finale. Vote for your favourite contestant by SMSing BOFOZ*(Voting code) to 33456. SMS cost is 30c. What's in it for you if you take part in choosing Black Opal's finalists? Well how does a chance to win awesome prizes from Black Opal this month sound?