Black and White Nsukka

Black and White Nsukka
past about 2 years ago

Sat, Jul 9. 7:00AM - 5:00PM

University of Nigeria, Nsukka Ukana, Nigeria

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nsukka is not a town of gigantic wonders, nor a town of hip-pop. rather it is a town of magic. a town of sunrise and sunset, of morning chirping birds, and night creaking crickets: a land of green grasses and red earth hiding under green carpeted hills. a town of gentle old folks and young scholars waiting for the first light of 'new' to break away and fly. it is not unnatural for me to find solace in wandering, hoping to find things art enough to tickle my wanting soul. and so, during my four years of stay at the university of nigeria, it became typical of me to hike the length and breath of nsukka-within, seeking for the unobviuos to document with my camera.

i will be sharing my findings in ten black and white pictures. it is a combo-blend of landscape, nature, street, abstract and architecture.

the pictures will be unveiled on my blog [] as soon as you get a prompt reminding you of the event day; 9-july-2016.