Bakindik Youth Development Association 2nd Anniversary

Bakindik Youth Development Association 2nd Anniversary
past over 2 years ago

Fri, Dec 25 9:00AM - Sat, Dec 26 4:00AM

Bakindik Lower Basic School, Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region, The Gambia , Gambia

Event Details

The anniversary will mark the second year of Bakindik Youth Development Association. This year's celebration will be used as a platform for sentizing and dissuading the prevalence of domestic violence within our homes, communities, country and world at large. Thus, the theme of the occation is 'DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS A HUMAN RIGHT ABUSE THUS, BREAK THE SILENCE AND STOP IT'. We are of the believe that lack of awareness encourages domestic violence and allows most culprits go unpunish for the offence they have committed. To this end, there will be speeches, drama, debate, and quiz to reflect and bring to light the negative socio-economic effects of domestic violence and ways in which it can be eradicated. Other stimulating activities will also be featured including cultural displays, football tournament final, traditional site vising, wrestling and life performance by Semes an up and coming artist.
So come out in full force and lets make the day worthwhile. Be there or be nowhere.