Avengers, Age of ultron Fundraiser movie show

Avengers, Age of ultron Fundraiser movie show
past over 3 years ago

Fri, May 8. 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Silverbird Cinema Accra Mall

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The maternal ward of the Adidome Government Hospital sees about 180 deliveries every month making about 6 deliveries every day. A delegation of the Rotaract Club of Accra South visited the Maternity ward to see the situation as reported first hand. We were greeted with an alarming situation, we saw a congested ward with some women trying hard to share a small space for their drip stands and personal belongings and others, there were student sized mattresses laid out on the corridors of the hospital clearly indicating a place made ready for mothers who had just delivered. An important indicator of good health is the presence of safe, good and potable water for the majority of the people. Except for Juapong, which is served from the Kpong headwork’s, many towns in the district do not have pipe borne water. The Catholic Mission provides some system of water supply which pumps water to standpipes along the main road in Adidome and this is causing some minor sanitation defects for the facility.

After seeing the situation on the ground we were convinced this was a worthwhile project due to its envisaged impact on thousands of lives and its alignment with the fifth goal of the millennium development goals (MDG's) initiated by the United Nations which indicates "Improve maternal health". We decided to:

1. Expand the ward to accommodate another 40 beds
2. Provide a water storage facility specifically for the ward
3. Bridge the maternity ward and the theater to facilitate easy acces to and fro,