Africa4Him One-Day Mentoring Event (YALI Network, ADN & MARA Mentors)

Africa4Him One-Day Mentoring Event (YALI Network, ADN & MARA Mentors)
past about 2 years ago

Sat, Apr 30. 10:30AM - 3:30PM

Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Lekki, Nigeria

Event Details

The YALI Network Face2Face Novel Idea - Africa4Him in collaboration with African Diaspora Nation and Mara Mentors and the supportive role of Proconnect, League of Young Professionals, Nigeria and Corporate Fix will host a One-Day Mentoring and Interactive Forum come April 30th, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The aim of this mentoring event is to raise awareness on the ills of violence against women and the discriminatory attitude we portray against women which directly and indirectly mortgages the future of our girls, ladies and women.

The event will feature MALE MENTORS who have done extremely well for themselves having worked hard their way to the top – we expect our participants to be inspired and challenged and we expect the mind-set and unbelief residual in the minds of our young men and women alike to be washed off.

We will also feature an interactive forum with some married men whose wives are doing extremely well with the full throttle support of their Husbands. They will share via the interactive forum how they manage their home working as partners with their wives in their growth and progress.

This event is open to both male and female. This event is about cementing the mentality that men and women are partners in progress and will very far when they work together in love and understanding.

This event is totally Free of Charge but strictly by Registration.

Use the link below to register:

For further information, call or email Elda on 08086034420, Priestly on 08053142987 or,

EldaDavid Kehinde Samuel
For Organizing Team