Advanced Public-private Partnerships & Project Finance in Africa

Advanced Public-private Partnerships & Project Finance in Africa
past over 4 years ago

Mon, Jan 27 12:00AM - Wed, Jan 29 12:00AM

African Regent Hotel 15, 237/238 North Airport Road, Accra, Ghana

Event Details

Learning Objectives

  1. Tackle innovative financing structures that address post-crisis realities
  2. Get ahead of industry trends with a leading trainer who has been on the forefront of P3 and financial markets for more than 15 years
  3. Access new sources of capital, bypassing expensive and unsuitable intermediaries
  4. Prepare yourself for bond financing strategies in the wake of Basel III and other banking sector regulations
  5. Identify legal and regulatory solutions instead of focusing on legal and regulatory obstacles
  6. Utilize effective and efficient financial models and strategies
  7. Remove the veil of traditional Value for Money(VFM) analysis to reveal the reality of your delivery options
  8. Focus on hybrid public-private strategies that offer real solutions

About The Trainer

The Trainer is the Managing Director of a boutique consulting and financial advisory firm based in Washington. He has more than 15 years of experience in public-private partnerships (P3) and has taught more than 30 courses on the subject of PPP.
He has also conducted several training programs for foreign officials from around the world, including in-country training for government officials and private sector participants in Nigeria and Tanzania.

Mr. Desilets has been engaged by the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3) for World Bank and USAID projects. In Jordan, he led three Sector Assessments and seven feasibility studies for P3 projects for the Executive Privatization Commission (EPC) and advised EPC on its transformation into the country’s P3 Unit. In Ukraine, he led a P3 Training and Technical Assistance Project to prepare the country for implementation of its P3 program.

In addition to research on P3 best practices undertaken independently and as part of client engagements, these trainings required him to develop a broad base of knowledge about the development of P3 programs, industry best practices and lessons learned.

Why Attend?

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach to infrastructure and service delivery is becoming increasingly popular not just to bridge the funding gap but also in building a platform for governments to engage the private sector in service delivery on pre-agreed terms. With the increasing use of the PPP module also comes the obstacle of capacity building for both sides of the divide. This 3 days training programme will not just provide a comprehensive understanding to the underlying concepts and methodologies of Public Private Partnership and Project Finance but it will also include these in the context of global and local organization:

  • Closer look at the PPP project cycle
  • Functions of the various stakeholders involved
  • Project Structure and negotiation
  • Construction of effective cash-flow models
  • Forecast and eradication of expected project risk elements

 The course will also take on a practical approach by examining international case studies that exemplify the principle concepts and the driving critical success and failure factors of Public Private Partnership and Project Financing.

Who Should Attend?

Attendance at this training is a MUST for Ministries, Directors, C-Level Executives: CEO, CFO, COO ,Heads, Supervisors, Managers, Senior level Executives, Government Officials, Public service Operators, Legal advisors, Engineers, Contractors from the following Departments but not limited to:

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Public procurement division
  • Public Investment Programme
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance/Accounting/Treasury
  • Project /Project management
  • Infrastructure Projects

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