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2nd Half Conference Theme: Pursuit of Purpose

By NYSC Ict-Cds GROUP Nwangele LGA Chapter, Imo State
Sat, Jul 29. 9:00AM - 10:00PM
RCCG Throne of Grace- Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos

The 2nd Half Conference 2017 with the Theme; Pursuit of Purpose is a conference geared at enhancing entreprenuers, building a successful careers and profitable business and having an excellent relationship by creating an optimal balance between your work and your relationship. The Conference is an encapsulated youth and young professional programme for the peak performance professional who want to take their business, career and relationship to the next level. This conference is designed to cover the key areas that drive success and profit in business and life. And the three key areas we will be focusing on are; 1. Entreprenuership 2. Career 3. Relationship. Our speakers for this edition of the 2nd Half Conference 2017 are season professional with excellent track record in business, career and relationship. Professional who have the ability to be far-sighted and actively engaged with their environment to responsibly transform ideas into reality. This conference is aim at harnessing potential, capacity building, helping participants to discover themselves and broaden their horizon.

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