2016 Nigerian Reformed Bible & Theological Conference

By The Reformed Baptist Church in Nigeria
Wed, Nov 23 1:00PM - Sat, Nov 26 9:00AM
The Reformed Baptist Church in Nigeria, Port Harcourt

This year marks the 15th Annual Nigerian Reformed Bible and Theological Conference for Pastors, Church Leaders, Bible College Students, and members of Churches in Port Harcourt and beyond. It is the first Reformed Conference of its kind in Nigeria among confessional churches that espouse the Doctrines of Grace. The theme of this year is "The Great Commission: Paying The Debt of Missions in The 21st Century". In 2 King 7:3-16 we found the four leprous men at the camp of Syrian eating and drinking of the spoils provided by God. They realized they had sinned by withholding the good news from a famished dying people of Samaria. Good a thing was that they brought the good news which helped to save lives. The church today is over fed with the gospel in the expense of a dying world around. The Great Commission of our resurrected, ascended Lord Jesus Christ is neglected. The church is building, expanding and renovating cathedrals; programmes, dramas and entertainment are multiplied by the day. Prosperity social gospel is the order of the day on our pulpits. ''Ichabod', the glory is departed from Israel'. The church is aloof to the persecutions of Christians in the North of Nigeria. Missions and evangelism is dead and forgotten, the new generation of Christians are not aware of missions. We fail to realize that when a church ceases to be missionary minded and evangelistic, she loses her purpose in God's agenda for the nation. Have we forgotten our missionary heritage in Nigeria so soon? Nigeria, in fact West Africa was tagged "The White Man's Grave", but the missionaries braved it and brought the gospel to our fathers. They cleared the forest, built roads, made bridges, built hospitals and schools where the sons of Africa were educated. Should we forget that and not remembering "to whom much is given, much also is expected?" William Carey, the father of modern missionary movement said, "Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God". Let us arise and take our place among the missionary sending nations of the world --- America, Britain and South Korea. It is a clarion call from our Lord Jesus Christ --- "Go ye therefore, and teach, making disciples of all nations". Let us begin now to pay our debt of missions which we owe God. Knowing that no one has the right to hear the gospel twice where some do not have the opportunity to hear once. Lectures on this shall be delivered by seasoned Pastors and Missionaries that cut across the nation Nigeria. make sure you have a fellowship with us. God bless our missionary endeavours!

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